Become a Listener

If you are interested in partnering with Underhill House, consider being a Listener. Listeners greet our guests and, if the guest desires, spend a few minutes listening to them tell what brought them to Underhill House that day. Listeners can also offer a prayer, silently or aloud.

“Being with our guests at Underhill House reminds me that we are all created as beloved children of God. When I listen, I hear the goodness within us, regardless of our circumstances in life. I get in touch with my own vulnerabilities. My heart is touched by what I hear and I’m able to respond to our guests from my own heart.”

— A Listener

Join the Board

If you have passion, and perhaps experience, that aligns with our mission, consider joining our Board. As members of the governing body, Directors oversee the organization’s activities with a focus on mission, strategy, and goals.

“Being a Board member at Underhill House allows me a deeper connection to our mission. Underhill House creates a mash-up of a quiet space for reflection, plus Listeners who listen without judgment or advice, creating a unique human bond.”

—A Board Member

We are grateful for groups and organizations that share our vision

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